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Cut to the chase...
Ya need help.

Try T-Go for a day.
If you hate the “T”...  the day is FREE.
You get to keep any creative that was executed. Temp agencies won't give a better deal and they take a mark-up on every hour.
With T-Go and Company, there is no mark-up.
And if you love T-Go and Company, then like Schwarzenegger — I'll be back.

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Terms and conditions are always upfront

Billing happens each week

At the end of every week, T-Go bills for the time worked. Terms are 10 days.

If the bill hasn't been paid by day ten, all work stops.
We do not accept, “check is in the mail” as the mail is slow and T-Go is not.

Terms are not set in stone, but they are not written in water either.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Any item that is purchased for your project is billed at the end of each week.

Stock photos, video footage, sound etc. We do not wait until the end of the project as T-Go is not a bank. Out of pocket expenses are due in 10 days with labor expenses. T-Go does not buy anything for your project without getting a written authority to do so from you BEFORE purchasing. (A text will work).


We are more than happy to let you give T-Go a test drive.

Being happy with your creative and your staff is essential towards a good working relationship. T-Go wants you to be happy. When you book a week, should you feel the fit is not the best for any reason at the end of the first day, T-Go will not bill you for the time spent and will not return after the first day. Should you want us to return for the rest of this initial week — Great. You receive 20% off your first bill (excluding out-of-pocket expenses). You then have the option to book for any additional time and we will be happy to return.