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A look into Reinforcement Learning (RL) and learning new skills — how to help the brain functions more effectively

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Stroke victims can experience motor dysfunction from a stroke. This study by Dr. Mindy Levin looks at 2 variables to help succeed in the reacquisition of movement

An executive summary: studies show that adults who practice motor learning skills with reduced feedback can often get better learning results than those who perform with constant feedback. There is an optimal challenge and this challenge can overload the learning capabilities of a child. This study probes into how children have different processing capabilities when compared to adults and how to approach their learning

A peer review of Probabilistic Classification Learning With Corrective Feedback is Associated with in vivo Striatal Dopamine Release in the Ventral Striatum While Learning Without Feedback is Not Human Brain Mapping. This executive summary breaks down the impressive work for busy neuroscience professionals.

A peer review study from Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, this post looks to break down the study into an executive summary for the busy neuroscience professional. It involves two experiments involving motor skill receptivity and how performance is impacted.

Like many arts organizations, Giordano Dance has had to cancel much of its fall 2020 season but that is not stopping the dance. They are pushing the envelope by offering training of their groundbreaking techniques virtually. Nothing stops their enthusiasm for dance.

The active and progressive treatment of using boxing to combat the effects of Parkinson’s Disease — and it is working

Hipsters crowds swarm out to the trendy Feast – the eatery and bar that is a Wicker Park staple. The reason? A new menu and a new management powerhouse team led by Jason Myers has taken over and revamped the eatery to keep it trendy and hip.

The gleaming structure at 55 East Pearson is a boon to the skyline of Chicago. It is architectural love at first sight. My first reaction is to think “I want to live there” then you see it is senior housing. That gives less appealing thoughts. Senior living typically involves sterile environments that offer little to make one feel happy about aging. Aging isn’t pretty without the deep pockets of Cher so one can face 70 looking like 40. As my retired, 90-year-old first-grade teacher once told me while shuffling her way to the bathroom with an attendant: “Aging sucks.“

Defining “fabulous” is not always a question of “what” as it is a question of “whom”. I am referring to music producer music Fabrice DuPont owner of Flux Studio. Fab for short. It’s amazing that people around the globe know him as Fabulous Fab. One of the top names in the international music industry, those that don’t know Fab are aware of his clients. On this day, he is packing to go to the Grammies. 

New flight deals put flying back on the itinerary after Covid grounding. The first stop is the exotic Middle East but the airline choice to consider is Emirates Airways. Here's why.

The face of Oak Street has evolved over the years. One landmark sits as the face on the street — Esquire Theater. Originally built in 1938, the cinema sat 1,400 when it was originally built. When originally conceived, the movie theater was elegant and modern. The destination date spot lost much of its luster in the middle of what would become Chicago’s high-end retail district. A wrecking ball was looming in the future. Fate, in the form of imaginative developers, stepped to repurpose the building into what is now Del Frisco's.

A new place in Chicago is BoHo or Bohemian House. The name conjures ups visions from the movie Moulin Rouge, the musical Rent, or the opera La Boheme which the previous two so liberally borrowed. Like most folks, I think of gypsies and starving artists so the thought of a restaurant had me intrigued.

Haven't you trampled down the Champs Elysees enough? Dined on enough Spanish tapas till you puke tuna? Want something exotic? How about Egypt? Not exactly the camel riding type? Perhaps you yawn at ruins? Never fear. Here are some fun places to check out to make this the most memorable trip in decades. Here is a quick list of off-the-trail places to go while in Cairo and Alexandria.

After a long day of work, I really don't want to cook. Out for dinner? YES! Time to try the new place that opened up. It's close and within walking distance. This new restaurant is Herb.

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