Scratch N Sniff
Branding Design


Blissful beginning for a new product

Art director and Implementation Specialist
Tools Used:
Photoshop, illustrator, indesign


A new product from a Middle East provider, a dynamic package was needed to convey a healthy snack option made from vegetables and grains

The Process

The design process for the roll-out needed to encompass all aspects for service stores as well as building brand awareness. The look needed to appeal to the health-conscious person looking for new snack options in the Middle East

The colors are vivid for shelf appeal on a white background to look clean and fresh. The background is made of a line art pattern with symbols like a bonsai tree (respect for nature), butterflies (spiritual growth and transcendence), lotus leaves (purity), flowers (love and friendship) with a tagline "live on the bright side". The brand expression reflects the product for the energetic healthy individual and reflects a playful side of life

The shippers and display items convey the iconography with a vivid and healthy glow of green to reflect the freshness of the product. Along with the design on the package, a gentle wave pattern provides a harmonious background pulling in the various flavor option colors to various elements of display signage

The End Result

It is a lovely package display in stores and the product has a pleasing shelf presence. The shippers provide great display options for small stores and the product is moving quickly


Recent Works