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The growth of one app blossomed into a web development agency

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Photoshop, Webflow, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, Flash


CagoMama is a location app that was developed by a Chicago-based web developer/visionary and an India-based programming team. The success of the product prompted a second app — CagoChat. This chat program does not rely on phone data and can be used where data and data towers are not available

The Process

Chicago-based Rohit Sharma had an idea for an app that would help track down lost or ailing parents or teenagers that wander off in a shopping mall or are supposed to be at the library studying. He named the product CagoMama — a nod to his location in Chicago and Mama as the app was a virtual "mama's checking in"

From start to finish, the need was to provide a clear and easy to use app with wireframes and various testing cycles to insure the app was indeed easy and foolproof. The graphics, logo, identity, rollovers, social media imaging and website fell under my domain with T-Go providing India with all the design guidance to make the app come to life. As a result of the success of the first app, a second app was developed. CagoChat is a texting/voice mail device that allows for use without the necessity of cell towers and works in areas where data connectivity is extremely limited

Made for wireless connectivity, this is Cago Chat.

The End Result

While the apps did not go viral (teenagers do not want "mama" looking over their shoulder), they did however prove to be successful from the standpoint of new business development. The newly developed team leveraged their skills to attract new customers using the apps as a flashpoint of their capabilities. That new agency provides websites, apps and web/email marketing, SEO development and analytic analysis to small and medium size companies looking to market effectively and efficiently on the web. They found a niche market with hotel chains by providing customized websites with booking applications for small/medium-sized franchised hotels that need more aggressive marketing in high density markets


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