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DePaul University — School for New Learning Graduate School
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The School of New Learning is a division that lives within DePaul's educational framework that is different from traditional US educational models. It is driven by the European school models that rely less on formalized class structures. It emphasizes individualized learning with goals and objectives set up by each student and advisors so that they receive the skills and learning tools that are necessary for success in their given field. The School needed marketing materials and a course guidebook to explain the program in detail to prospective students

The Process

The educational programs are more aligned with driving a motorcycle than riding the bus. The School of New Learning takes an individualized approach to learning. Each student is required to get advisors in their field to act as mentors to set up a learning plan to help them succeed. Each must set up their own goals, learning plans, objectives, and deliverables to prove they have learned what they have set out to do

There is one initial class that lays the groundwork for each student. If the student finds that their learning is deficient in a certain sector, it is up to them to get that education (either as a class, an independent study, an internship, or an apprenticeship. Their mentors and advisors guide them along the learning process to verify the learning. This class needed an extensive guidebook so they could work and understand their learning process. It outlined the rules and guidelines for each student to formulate a plan

The marketing materials explained what was necessary and was targeted at students that want a specific outcome tied to their individual field. It is a school program aimed at students who are in the workforce, in a profession, or on a career path that they have invested in and want to develop towards the next level. It is not a standardized MBA or master's program. Each brochure, along with the direct mail solicitations, advertising, emails, etc were designed to attract the unique vision and participation of individuals who want to learn in a non-standard educational system

The End Result

The results were amazing. Student enrollment jumps by 40% for the academic school year. The School needed to add additional faculty to accommodate the enormous number of students. They expanded the initial marketing materials to the academic areas of Applied Technology and Adult Education with similar results


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