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Branding Design


Identity and Branding for a Digital Start-up Company

Art Director
Tools Used:
Illustrator, photoshop

Launch Toad is an app development/marketing team that provides website building, web/email marketing, SEO analysis and analytics to small/medium size companies. They wanted an identity that highlighted capabilities but was friendly and fun

LaunchToad is a highly specialized unit being able to provide detailed, analysis-driven information to clients that are in specific niche market. Their client require more advanced knowledge, energy and initiative than typical agencies can provide at an attainable cost for small businesses. LaunchToad provides a wealth of knowledge by leveraging foreign labor to build apps, website modules, landing pages and marketing initiatives that are beyond reach of the normal information gathering. They drill down to the specific needs of consumers and prospects so their clients can secure and business

A Typical Client

One of the niche markets they have tapped includes small hotel franchise groups. They can build efficient online booking systems allowing travelers to easily book with confidence. Hotels can highlight amenities, features, display a variety of room accommodations, and showcase the convenience of the location while providing competitive rates at booking. A typical booking systems is highly complicated to build and requires international conversions, secure payment processing and immediate feedback mechanisms while using secure data exchange. These apps need to be easy to navigate for travelers, provide incentives to book online (close the booking), and give the traveler what they want in a hotel. These modules must also have a mechanism for feedback and reviews

The Creative Direction

The look for the identity needed to be fresh, friendly if not a little quirky. The team is more international than most business teams and working remote is the part of their day-to-day operation. The presence needed colors, typography and visual cues that spoke to getting the message out. It was not meant to have a look and feel of a corporate giant but a scrappy, efficient start-up that has intense capabilities, reach and scope. Most importantly, the execution needed to be done on an extremely small budget. Unlike many internet start-ups, this company did not have deep pockets. Digital footage needed to rely on what was available immediately for a small price (if not free use). Turnaround needed to be incredibly quick... over night if possible was often a request. File sizes for video needed to be incredibly small for international users and using smaller than typical US bandwidth


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