Scratch N Sniff
Packaging Design

M&M Mars Holiday

Holiday In-Store and Special Promotional Packaging

Graphic Designer and Implementation Artist
Tools Used:
Illustrator and Photoshop

These projects used well-established existing brand strategy, nomenclature and brand guidelines to keep the customer engaged by re-introducing the brands with seasonal packaging, convenient placement and seasonal displays to drive consumer purchases.

Competition is fierce in this category as candy is an impulse purchase. Working a year ahead, M&M Mars works diligently be the leader in the confectioner category. They introduce new flavors, convenient packaging and seasonal POS displays as part of the strategy to remain on top. The in-place system is turnkey utilizing display units specifically configured  to hold product and allows careful shipment of the products to prevent breakage. Displays are re-skinned seasonally with new graphics and treatments. Retailers select the display based on provided footprint area and in-store placement. The optimal display takes a small space but is easily seen at check-out. Many of the brands include proprietary colors that are mixed with extra phosphorus in the ink to increase visibility and a feeling of freshness. They stand out in store aisles against the competition and dominate in sales


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