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My Medical Clinic

Turnkey email marketing to build a niche market clinic

Launch Toad
Writer and layout artist
Tools Used:
Dreamweaver and Microsoft Word


A clinic needs email marketing that is specific to occupational-related services.
This clinic provides OSHA compliance to businesses looking to treat patients with work-related injuries.

The Process

The goal was to build awareness and promote special services to various industries like construction companies or union worker shops. The event calendar was set by the clinic as certain services are seasonal — such as providing on-site flu shots in the fall

Once the calendar was set, the email graphic design needed to be small and clean to take advantage of email marketing size barriers. The budget for the clinic did not allow a photographer to trail a physician. Stock images provided the solution. A dreamweaver template was created with graphics for a quick send and also to establish a look for consistency. The emails were written into the template and sent for coding

The End Result

The marketing campaign worked incredibly well — perhaps too well. The monthly campaign filled in vacancies to such a degree that very little downtime was established to take on new business... there was too much business which is not a bad problem to have


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