Scratch N Sniff
Packaging Design

Namasté Hair Care

New product launch under a company buyout and expansion

Art Director
Tools Used:
Photoshop, Illustrator, Powerpoint


A 25-year old company receives a buyout. New owners request a fast track for products in the pipeline to expand into new territories... but the additional staff has not been hired yet. Time to call T-Go and Company to help

The Process

Namasté has been a Chicago institution for over 25 years that specializes in products for the black haircare market. The new India-based owners were looking to expand into the much larger India market and be present a new global perspective to their product line without losing the years of market share they have built up in the US

The new products needed to take into account a global perspective while still having shelf presence while existing products needed to keep a consistent look and feel but with a moderate refresh. The budget was of concern as it was not certain whether some expansion of the department would occur in the US or be off-shored to India. What was certain was the existing staff (2) was not sufficient to handle the workload

The End Result

Namasté successfully launched a number of new products in a wide variety of package sizes. The new brands reflect a new look looks fresh on shelf when stacked up against the larger brands


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