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Branding Design

NMMA - National Marine Manufacturers Asso.

Event and tradeshow branding and graphics

National Marine Manufacturers Association
Art Director
Tools Used:
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

With over 30 regional boat shows in the US, NMMA is an industry spokesman for the marine manufacturing industry. It works continuously to monitors legislation and regulatory issues in all 50 states, pursuing the marine industry's objectives and defending it against potentially harmful government initiatives. Along with its legislative initiatives, NMMA provides yearly boat shows to engage the public, show new trends and provide a learning experience for boating enthusiasts. I was brought in to provide design and marketing assistance for the annual events.

Each region show as its own unique branding that is regional in focus but aligns with the umbrella organization. The Atlanta Boat show is one of oldest events which started in the 1950s. The logo needed a freshening up that spoke specifically to the region and not just boating. This new logo hit the mark. It was well received and easily identifiable. I touched on about 12 of the 30 trade show that were scheduled. Along with posters, ticketing, fliers and trade show guide books that were consumer driven, I executed materials that were driven specifically to members and other legislative bodies within the organization. This included the manufacturers conference meeting and the statistical abstract that is the year end review and analysis of the industry's yearly performance.


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