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1400 Illustrations on a deadline

Prentice Hall
Tools Used:
Illustrator for 1500 drawings


Sewing for the Apparel Industry was looking for market share after being published in black and white. It was originally done on a budget.  The author is a celebrity in the industry and the book warranted a refresh with additional content. The original illustrator was booked and was not available. The content required detailed illustrations and a quick turnaround to be in stores and able to go in college programs in the United States.  1400 color illustrations required quite a bit of speed and planning

The Process

Prentice Hall is a division of Pearson Publishing for books related to college studies including fashion design. I am familiar with the content requirements of the industry and the subject matter of the book

Much of the content was existing with the addition of a 24th chapter and an appendix with technical sheets. This provided an excellent starting point. The content was very familiar to me as I taught it on a college level so I understood what was missing. The color pallet was nailed down at the beginning as well as how the final work was to be numbered and delivered. It wasn't turnkey but it was delivered as quickly as possible. Less than seven months

The End Result

The book has currently been converted to an e-book and is currently widely used. The new edition has been well received as it is now much easier to understand the concepts. It has many five star reviews on Amazon. The book is a staple in college programs across the United States‍


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