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Packaging Design


350 unique haircolor formulations in 21 languages

Kaleidoscope NYC
Production manager
Tools Used:
Illustrator, photoshop


After a downturn in the economy in 2010, the production department was cut. With a new consolidation initiative, a new "outsourced" in-house department was developed to bring production back under the Revlon roof

The Process

The new initiative involved starting a department, training the staff and then handing it off to the new leader when they were chosen. I relocated from Chicago to New York to initiate the department and get the ball rolling. The first project for the new four-person-team was the packaging of all Revlon Hair color both for the US and internationally. There were 7 distribution centers located around the world. Each center provided language specific packages with application directions and ingredients in three language on each box. Each color has a different formulation specific to each color along with language specific imagery and photography supporting the color. Each center distributed on average 50 shades of hair color. Also, some regions had different requirements regarding packaging for distribution in certain countries

It boiled down to this — 350 formulations, 21 languages — in 5 months. The need was immediate as printing, packaging and shipping the product for distribution was time sensitive to fall within packaging guidelines around the world requiring the new packaging to be done within 6 months

The End Result

We beat this goal and worked on other products simultaneously. Sign-offs, translations, copy edits and proofing were done virtually around the world. Changes and corrections were consolidated virtually and quickly accomplished. The packaging also went through a mild refresh. The original brown and gold packaging looked dull and uninspired next to the competition which was bright green

The new deep red coloring looked rich and alluring. Each package received an aqueous coating done in selective spots, two hits of varnish (matte and gloss) and an emboss. The box is visually awesome when on shelf. It has great brand presence and received over a 10% increase in sales in the market when it hit the shelves. It was a cost-efficient means to give the brand a notch up. When it was completed, I handed the reigns off to my replacement and returned to Chicago


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