Scratch N Sniff
Packaging Design


Building continuity to a growing business in transition.

Cate McNabb Cosmetics
Designer and production artist
Tools Used:
Photoshop & Illustrator


Cate McNabb and Sunology are two sides of the small beauty startup in Chicago. A direct-to-consumer brand built by working with stylists and social media to sell to individuals through the web. Products are cruelty-free, made in the USA, mineral based and paraben free. They were growing fast but the one-person art department moved to the west coast. During the transition, they needed a hand-on person to pick up where their artist left off and move onto new items

The Process

This process was a bit of chaos as there were a lot of moving parts and looming deadlines. Cate McNabb has a  line of basic  products but season items like eye shadow colors, blush colors and lip colors change frequently to provide variety to the consumer. The product grew organically with the look and feel leaving inside the mind of the now absent artist. There weren't  brand guidelines or a clear vision of how the brand sits against other in the marketplace. Their marketplace is virtual and so are the clients

Not a problem. This is what T-Go excels at. We ran with it. Some elements such as the photography had already been shot so picking that up as a reference, it was played out into the upcoming campaign which used Coachella as a reference point to hit a young consumer

New items were coming into the mix of products. Anything seasonal and sun related is under the Sunology umbrella. While there, I worked on developing the packaging for a new line of bronzers, lip balm sunscreens and sunless tanning lotions

Sunology lines started to be sold in Target stores and Whole Foods

The End Result

Covid took a huge toll on this business. The social media work ended in April. The company also faced a class-action lawsuit over claims on the sunscreen formulation. Those items were pulled from the shelves. It seems this is a small business that has been killed by Covid-19


Recent Works