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TNT Burgers

Individual Quick Frozen beef patties that offer advantages a restaurant

Designer and Brand Strategist
Tools Used:
Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign


TNT Burgers are IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) beef patties that are available wholesale. They are a Cargill premium product that have advantages over fresh meat patties for chefs in busy upscale restaurants

The Process

Like there are various cuts of beef, there are various cuts of burgers. Premium burgers can be frozen, but they must be seasoned to perfection, come in a variety of weights or cuts (like course ground or home-style). They can be grade A, Angus beef or Certified Angus, but they must be able to be cooked evenly, not be filled with fillers, have good texture/moisture content and maintain a holding time if prepared in advance for a buffet

TNT's burgers excel at all of that but had a variety of graphic styles applied to the branding from a variety of branding directors. This was an opportunity to reign in all the collateral and makes cohesive design choices and marching orders for going forward. The brand needed to be close to the branding of Sterling Silver Meats as they were part of the same company's line of products BUT they were aimed different markets with limited overlap. This brand needed to reflect a more playful and fun attitude with a bit more bravado — thus an expansive use of red in the color pallet. It feels very "all American" as that is what it was the intent — this is an All-American product without fillers or MSG. There are 4 categories of products and the products are all natural. Thus the branding needed to be as simple as the product but be slightly educational as to the advantages

The End Result

The end result feels very "All American" - with a lone star, stripes and red. While it is a premium product, the architecture of the design is not high-end but does reflect quality. Imagery is not to be photographed to be too sophisticated to put off the consumer. The guidelines reflect what types of retouching will be required for the photography as well the proportion of the background gradient. The guidelines for this product offer various opportunities to have fun with the product and provide a quick reference in keeping the brand on message


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