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Topco Associates

Supermarket consortium need packaging with a variety of brand voices

Topco Associates
Art Director
Tools Used:
Photoshop and Illustrator


Topco is a food packaging association (or consortium) with various retail store chains as members. Member stores buy in bulk from suppliers and package the product under store brand labels. Each store may package in multiple tiers depending on the price. Each retailer is unique in its brand identity. The packaging must reflect the price, the saving, and the quality of the item and also reflect the type of customer that shops in the stores

The Process

The process involves being current on store labeling trends, design, and the brand standards of the store. Packaging for the US market has stringent standards with regards to type size, brand copy, and nutritional labeling. Products that are shipped to Canada or Mexico must also conform

The US government routinely updates packaging specifications or makes adjustments to help the consumer understand what they are purchasing. An item may appear in the store under two or three price categories with slightly different formulations from the supplier. A jar of tomato sauce may come in three price categories requiring each to have a unique look to reflect the price tier, quality, value as well as flavor or package size. Understanding this is essential along with what the expectation of the food category is

It is important to do the legwork — actively go to stores to walk the grocery aisles to see what stands out. This is the investigative aspect of packaging — looking to see what a vendor has done that is successful and what falls short. The goal is to capture market share. T-Go is very successful in making items pop and inspires people to buy... whether it be in the US, Mexico, the Middle East, or any place you can think of


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