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Branding Design

Wrigley Brands

Keeping a top selling brand on the top through innovation and new flavors

Tools Used:
Illustrator and Photoshop


Wrigley and M&M/Mars brands are tops sellers in the product category. To maintain the top spot, they are continuously looking for new innovations to keep the product in front of consumer eyes

The Process

Wrigley and M&M/Mars run a tight ship. Annual sales are driven by new promotions or new flavors. These are budgeted and created a year in advance to align with distribution channels and to maintain freshness with what is in the warehouse for shipping. As the brands guidelines are set in stone, new designs that comply and live within the brand guidelines is essential and also a challenge

Products receive annual promotion refresh treatments with in-store promotional displays that work within retailer dictates — The end retailer has final say on the look, size and scope of a display must be "sold-in" to the retailer to get full backing for the promotion. For example: a promotion may be designed for Halloween to promote a special Halloween flavor with online support, Ads, social media, etc but it must also align with the space allotted by EACH retailer with some retailers asking for specific displays based on the square footage allotted in the store. Dollar Tree stores may have one display with Target stores have a larger store based on allotted square footage

The End Result

The end result was very turn-key to save costs. The displays were designed, implemented and executed with virtual mock-ups for a quick-sell in. New flavors offerings could be incorporated and tested for receptivity and acceptance. Wrigley and M&M/Mars both use proprietary color mixes with extra phosphorus

The addition of phosphorus allows standard colors to have more brilliance and life when stacked against the competitor brands. Additionally, they use special colors (similar to PMS) that have been developed so there is no duplication in the market by a competitor looking to imitate the brand

Both Wrigley and M&M/Mars adore trying new die cut strategies that use the shipper/packer box as a display. It's a brilliant strategy to keep cost containment and provide impact in store for an item that people are accustomed to seeing in the store on a regular basis at the check-out


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